The Body Clinic Spa | Massage
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Body Clinic Spa Therapeutic Massages

The Benefits of Massage

Massage is much more than just a means of pampering yourself. It reduces stress by lowering heart rate and blood pressure, improves circulation by moving nutrients and oxygen into your cells, and boosts your immunity!

Massages can also help to tone weak and tight muscles and acts as a natural pain killer by releasing endorphin’s.


We offer therapeutic massages, both full body  and neck and back .

Full Body $140 Neck and Back $90 BD

Full Body with heat $170   Neck and Back with heat $120 BD

Hot Stone Full Body $155   Hot Stone Neck and Back $100

We also offer specialized aromatherapy massages.

Tangerine hand and foot massage – help nourish your hands/arms and feet/legs with a massage of healing tangerine and energizing peppermint. The ultimate blend of fruit and mint.


Chocolate massage – indulge your senses with the delicious smell of chocolate for your full body or neck and back massage

Chocolate soap, body oil, shampoo, body wash   in a basket   and   towel nearby.